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How do i sign up?

You can sign up easily by going to the top right of the header page, click “Register”. Register as a customer, then start shopping. https://cheap2day.com/register/

Can i shop without registration?

Yes, you can shop and check out without registering. It’s called the Guest Checkout.

How do i sign up as a vendor/seller?

You can sign up as a vendor/seller by simply going to the top right of the header page, click on the “Register button” and sign up as a vendor. https://cheap2day.com/register/

How soon do i get my item after i've made payment?

Orders placed  between 8am – 10am  will be delivered the same day.

How are you protecting my information?

Kindly go to the privacy policy to have more information. https://cheap2day.com/privacy-policy/

How long does it take for me to return an item

You only have 4 days to have a product returned. https://cheap2day.com/return-policy/